IFINTEC 2019 Conference Sponsors are presented below. We will continue publishing new sponsors at this webpage. By visiting this webpage time to time, you can view up-to-date conference sponsors.

  • Gold Sponsor

    • Calypso Technology

      Calypso Technology

      Calypso Technology, Inc. is a cloud-enabled provider of cross-asset front-to-back solutions for financial markets with over 35,000 users in 60+ countries. Its award-winning software improves reliability, adaptability, and scalability across several verticals, including capital markets, investment management, central banking, clearing, treasury, liquidity, and collateral. The Calypso solutions for collateral management and securities finance have empowered financial firms world-wide to simplify and transform their business models to drive down costs and improve innovation. Calypso is leveraging innovative cloud microservices and blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) based solutions to reduce trading costs and improve time to value. www.calypso.com

    • Enbiltek


      Enbiltek is a company operating regionally that is focusing on EMEA region for its solutions. Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies are the core sectors it focuses on. Enbiltek is a trusted solution provider with high quality solutions and services. The solutions of Enbiltek are categorized as Event Organization, Services and Trainings. Enbiltek provides services to local and international solution provider companies that operate on Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies sectors. Following are the services offered by Enbiltek: Business Development, Event Organization, Representation of International Companies in Turkey and Marketing services. For more information about Enbiltek, please visit the website: www.enbiltek.com

    • Wacom


      Wacom, a global company with its headquarters based in Japan, is the market leader for pen input solutions. Wacom’s devices are utilised in a variety of application areas in which achieving a digital workflow with high-level security is crucial. Wacom´s patented technology is perfect for capturing handwritten signatures thanks to high resolution and accuracy. Wacom’s devices are installed in many different scenarios such as: POS, ePayment, electronic passports, insurance, banking and hotel check-in. With a Wacom signature device, customers can optimise, secure and efficiently process their workflows wherever documents are filled out, signed and verified. http://signature.wacom.eu

  • Silver Sponsor

    • Pio-Tech


      Established in 2003, Pio-Tech is a System Integrator and Business Solutions Provider with a commitment to perpetual innovative performance powered by strategic alliances with distinguished business partners, and a skillful & visionary team of consultants dedicated to enriching customers with bright Ideas for enterprise management solutions. The company’s carefully-built vertical solutions introduced an original brand, which evidently confirmed its presence as a commanding flagship in the financial industry. Through its wide array of solutions, Pio-Tech has helped myriad financial institutions to better understand their business and bond with their customers, and ultimately, to steer their operations towards attaining excellence in performance. A driving factor behind the company’s success is due to the strategically chosen partnerships with top IT corporations. Pio-Tech solutions enables ambitious organizations to continuously measure and optimize their business performance, making them better equipped to meet current and future business challenges, through the company’s various solutions covering Business Performance Management, Business Process Management, & Customer Information Optimization. www.pio-tech.com

  • Supporting Sponsor

    • Omega Financial Solutions

      Omega Financial Solutions

      Omega Financial Solutions builds Investment Management solutions for the Assets Management Industry and Securities Business: Asset Managers, Financial Institutional and Private Banks. Our offer is modular and covers the full spectrum of the Investment Cycle, both vertically and horizontally: Performance calculations & analysis, simulations, portfolio modeling, rebalancing, order management, position keeping, valuations, pre-trade/post-trade compliance, risk management and reporting. Our solutions include connectivity with Trading Platforms, Swift and Data Feed providers. Our products allow our 40+ clients located in Europe and the Middle East to mitigate their risk, boost their performance and improve their growth. The current version integrates a design oriented user friendly interface and is a toolbox allowing higher autonomy for the users of the system. www.omega-financial-solutions.com