IFINTEC 2017 Conference Sponsors are presented below. We will continue publishing new sponsors at this webpage. By visiting this webpage time to time, you can view up-to-date conference sponsors.

  • Gold Sponsor

    • Enbiltek


      Enbiltek is a company operating regionally that is focusing on EMEA region for its solutions. Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies are the core sectors it focuses on. Enbiltek is a trusted solution provider with high quality solutions and services. The solutions of Enbiltek are categorized as Event Organization, Services and Trainings. Enbiltek provides services to local and international solution provider companies that operate on Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies sectors. Following are the services offered by Enbiltek: Business Development, Event Organization, Representation of International Companies in Turkey and Marketing services. For more information about Enbiltek, please visit the website: www.enbiltek.com

  • Silver Sponsor

    • BI Technology

      BI Technology

      BI Technology, as the official distributor of Qlik which is the innovator and leader company of Business Intelligence, provides services in the fields of software license sales, project implementation, technical service&maintenance, training and consulting with its expert team that has an experience of more than 15 years. Believing growth with business partnership ecosystem, BI Technology has a network of business partners consisting of 40 institutions that each one is specialized in a different field. With the belief of business intelligence solutions should be for business units, Qlik Business Discovery and Analytics Platform is focused on the simplification principle of decision making processes as far as possible and by so it becomes an alternative to complicated, awkward and difficult to manage and use approach of traditional business intelligence platforms. To provide service in scope of this vision, BI Technology presents its consultant staff which is expert on required process, methodology and technology to the institutions that it works with. For more information, please visit: www.bitechnology.com

    • KOBIL


      Today KOBIL solutions are a standard for digital identity and highly secure data technology. Founded in 1986 the 120-strong KOBIL group, headquartered in Worms, Germany is a pioneer in the area of smart cards, one time passwords, authentication and cryptography. It is the core of the KOBIL philosophy to enable an ongoing identity and mobile security management on all platforms and on all communication channels. Nearly half of KOBIL’s employees are working in development, among them leading specialists for cryptography. KOBIL plays a crucial role in the development of new encryption standards. Commerzbank, DATEV, the German Federal Parliament, Migros Bank, Société Générale, UBS, ZDF and many others put their trust in KOBIL. www.kobil.com

    • SmartStream


      SmartStream provides Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions and Managed Services to dramatically transform the middle and back-office operations for financial institutions. Over 1,500 clients, including more than 70 of the World's top 100 banks, 8 of the top 10 asset managers, and 8 of the top 10 custodians rely on SmartStream’s solutions. SmartStream delivers greater efficiency, automation and control to critical post trade operations including: Reference Data Operations, Trade Process Management, Confirmations and Reconciliation Management, Corporate Actions Processing, Fees and Invoice Management, Collateral Management, Cash & Liquidity Management and Compliance Solutions. Used independently, or as a suite of solutions and services, clients gain a lower cost-per-transaction while reducing operational risk, aiding compliance and improving customer service levels. For more information about SmartStream visit: www.smartstream-stp.com

    • Wacom


      Wacom, a global company with its headquarters based in Japan, is the market leader for pen input solutions. Wacom’s devices are utilised in a variety of application areas in which achieving a digital workflow with high-level security is crucial. Wacom´s patented technology is perfect for capturing handwritten signatures thanks to high resolution and accuracy. Wacom’s devices are installed in many different scenarios such as: POS, ePayment, electronic passports, insurance, banking and hotel check-in. With a Wacom signature device, customers can optimise, secure and efficiently process their workflows wherever documents are filled out, signed and verified. http://signature.wacom.eu

  • Bronze Sponsor

    • ABBYY


      ABBYY creates technologies to action information, they optimize business processes in finance institutes to mitigate risks, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue. Built on the Artificial Intelligence principles, leverage deep learning methods and multi-level analyses, they can process text, documents and data in the same way that the human brain would analyze them – yet faster, in continuous flow and in much greater volume, eliminating manual work and streamlining document-intensive processes. Main technology* directions are: OCR - accurately reads printed text on images, analyses document layout, and converts various documents into editable and searchable text. Data Capture - enables businesses to automatically extract key data from various documents in a stream (including invoices, contracts, purchase orders, etc.), processing both printed and hand-written text. Compreno® - is based on natural language processing and provides with powerful tools to extract insights and intelligence from unstructured text, transforming dark data into actionable information. *all of them available as SDK, gives possibility to integrate all features into any developing application and workflow. www.abbyy.com

    • Digital Bank

      Digital Bank

      Digital Bank is an independent investment management and advisory company based out of London with focus on growth markets in North America, Europe, China, India and Middle East. Pursuing a highly entrepreneurial approach, Digital Bank seeks long-term partnerships with high-growth-potential companies in the region and with strong focus on North America through the provision of capital and/or dedicated advisory services. The founding partners have more than 25 years of relevant experience investing, advising and operating in emerging growth markets, combining both regional and global expertise and networks. The firm is supported by a diverse group of highly reputable and experienced investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts through a dedicated Advisory Board and a wider pool of advisory partners. Business model focused on building long-term partnerships based on a solid platform of local and international relations with entrepreneurs, strategic and financial investors as well as leading sector experts. For more information: digital-bank.com

    • ERI


      ERI is an international company, specialising in the design, development, implementation and support of an integrated, real-time banking and asset/wealth management software solution: OLYMPIC Banking System. ERI is the market leader in the provision of banking and asset/wealth management software in many countries, especially in Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland. Providing extensive coverage of Front-, Middle- and Back-office functions, OLYMPIC Banking System is modular, thus allowing banks to initially set up the core system, and then add optional modules as their needs evolve. Thanks to its highly flexible, modern, parameter-based design, OLYMPIC Banking System is also able to meet most customisation requirements through parameter changes. This reduces the requirement for development of software modifications, so reducing the risks, complexity and cost of implementation. OLYMPIC Banking System has been chosen by over 300 banks and financial institutions spread over more than 50 countries around the World. www.eri.ch

    • Kod-A


      Kod-A develops document management technologies and products, and provides business process outsourcing services for the global market. Kod-A operates with two co-evolving fields of activity: 1. Technology Development: Digital Archiving, Document Management, Records Management, High Volume Document and Data Capture. Services: Archive digitization service bureau, Records management, Document and data processes outsourcing, Data back-up, store and disaster recovery. The classical ICT500 List (Bilisim500) has announced Kod-A as the market leader in Document and Archive Management Software Sector in 2015. Kod-A has been setting the standards of quality in the document management sector for the last five years. Kod-A is the only Technology Distributor of ABBYY in Turkey for the SDK and form processing products which are related with OCR, ICR, OMR, 1D and 2D Barcodes technologies. ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK and ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine SDK are the most used and well-known products for the firms specialising on developing their own applications. www.greendocs.com

  • Supporting Sponsor

    • BGA Bilgi Guvenligi A.S.

      BGA Bilgi Guvenligi A.S.

      BGA Bilgi Guvenligi A.S. has been active in the cyber security area since 2008. BGA Information Security provides trainings and consultancies to corporations in order to support the country professionally in this area. With our technical team with 50 experts who have internationally valid certificates, we operate "Penetration Tests, Security Audit, SOME, SOC Consultancy, Open Source Cyber Security Solutions" Services in Ankara, Istanbul, Azerbaijan and USA. Since it was founded, BGA Bilgi Güvenliği have succeeded more than 1000 projects on finance, energy, telecommunication, and public institutions. With its successes, BGA has been notableness in the sector. BGA Bilgi Güvenliği has also many volunteer projects such as e-mail lists, seminars, organizing security events, career plans for college students, and organizing cyber camps. www.bgasecurity.com